The Essex Heritage Trust

The Essex Heritage Trust has been set up to provide encouragement and help towards saving the county's rich and diverse heritage and to make it accessible for the benefit and enjoyment of the people of Essex and to the many visitors who come to the county.

The trust has helped a wide range of projects including the conservation of paintings, the repair of historic buildings, the publication of books and the purchase of items for public galleries and museums.

How the Trust started

Following on from Essex Heritage Year in 1989, the planning team were inspired to find an ongoing way in which the people of Essex could play a part in the protection of the county's heritage.

And so the Trust was created. It has fired the imagination of people from all walks of life who have contributed to its work and success by promoting projects and raising funds.

The organisation of the Trust

At the heart of the organisation are the Trustees. A small group of eminent people who are responsible for the overall direction of the trust and the management of its funds.

To advise the Trustees, on the many projects which are submitted for financial help, is a small group of people with a wide knowledge and expertise in the heritage field. They assist with fundraising and for drawing on expert knowledge as required.

All of those involved give their services free.

How the Trust is funded

The Trust has already raised over 1 million in order to finance its support for numerous projects and its annual expenditure.

Many national, international and local companies, together with local authorities and individuals, have given generously to the Trust. Others have hosted or organised events bringing in substantial sums of money.

More funds are urgently needed to ensure that both the work and influence of the Trust will continue to grow in the years ahead.

The way the Trust works

The Trust provides funds to individuals or bodies who are helping to preserve and restore the heritage of Essex. It may provide a boost to a fundraising campaign or it may provide substantial grants to ensure that areas of great beauty or interest, valuable buildings or artefacts are not spoiled or lost forever.

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