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Finchingfield Guildhall
Finchingfield Guildhall

There are many different ways that people can support the Essex Heritage Trust.

  • Single or regular donations
  • Sign a Gift Aid certificate
  • Make a legacy donation and join our Friends Membership Scheme
  • A Friend on an annual basis, only £25 per year
  • Become a Life Friend for just £250
  • Corporate member £150 per year

Membership benefits:

  • Contributing personally to your heritage – all funds go to projects
  • Regular newsletters
  • Invitation to our Annual Meeting at an interesting venue

Leaving a gift in your will benefits future generations and shows much foresight and generosity. Providing a legacy or a donation means we can continue rescuing, restoring and educating. Complete this form to donate / become a friend of / leave a legacy to Essex Heritage Trust.


Essex Heritage Trust, Registered Charity No. 802317
Barclays Bank, 40-41 High Street, Chelmsford, Essex. CM1 1BE
Sort Code : 20-19-95
Account No : 20387495
If you wish to send us a cheque for your subscription, or make a donation, please write your cheque in favour of: Essex Heritage Trust.

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View / Download PDF View / download the donate / legacy form or use the online version